Mo 15.05.2017
Tony Matelli. Josh, 2010. Photo: Gary Tatintsian Gallery

Gosh! Is it alive?

Ishøj, Denmark
04.02.2017- 06.08.2017

Natural facial and body hair; dripping sweat; freckles; wrinkles; pores; capillaries and all but throbbing veins… Gosh! Is it alive? That is actually the title of the exhibition of hyper-realistic sculptures on view at the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art from February through early August 2017.

The strikingly accurate representations of human-like beings and their often deformed shapes are walking the thin line between the ethically acceptable and unacceptable. The content of the show provokes a confrontation between the reason and the empathy of the viewer, prompting existential reflection on the animate and the inanimate, the artificial and the natural and define your own views on artificial intelligence and gene engineering.

The show features 30 internationally acclaimed hyper-realists, including Maurizio Cattelan, Paul McCarthy, Erwin Wurm, et al.