Mo 09.10.2017

Kristi Kongi “Aberration – Exercises with Light and Shadow”

Vaal galerii
Tallinn, Estonia
Through October 14, 2017

In her work, Kristi Kongi has tried to conceptualise colour and light through various means. “Aberration – Exercises with Light and Shadow” has its beginnings in a research trip to Mexico City. The idea of aberration as a concept derives from the constant movement of the artist while looking at her surroundings, which in turn had an effect on the images taken of the places.

While roaming around the town with a camera, the artist photographed every moment. The movement of light and its quick changes were the biggest incitement to develop and realise the exhibition. Many of the pictures were taken from a taxi window. It became crucial to capture the rapidly changing moments of light and shadow. The images, taken during movement, were often blurry, and the artist took this as a starting point for creating the installation. New colour systems were created.

Each painting refers to a specific place. The details and colours come from the places where the pictures were taken. All these bright colours caused moments of bewilderment. This resulted in an integral installation with oil paintings on canvas at its centre. Paintings as light paintings that try to capture the changing moments of light. A publication that will accompany the exhibition will show the initial material of the installation (photographs) and the end result. A book about light and colour. The artist set out to capture the very colour systems and flow of light she discovered while moving through the light-filled streets of Mexico City.

On 5th of October Kristi Kongi will have an artist book presentation at the gallery.

Kristi Kongi (1985) is right now one of the most relevant artist on contemporary art field. She has graduated from Tartu Art Collage and Estonian Academy of Arts (MA cum laude). In 2013, she received the Sadolin Art Prize, the oldest private capital-based art prize in Estonia.
Starting from this fall, Kongi is the Associate Professor in EAA’s painting department in the fine art faculty.