Su 03.06.2012

Designer’s Street Lahti

Lahti, Finland
03/09/2011 - 31/12/2012

In the town of Lahti, 100 km from Helsinki, designers, artists and artisans have concentrated along two blocks of one street for the whole year. On a specific Saturday of each month a themed outdoor event will take place: in December it was the Christmas Market, in January the event will be Snow Design, while April, for example, will be devoted to the relationship between design and music. Designer’s Street Lahti is like a regular urban festival for both adults and children, as well as being a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Finnish port city of Lahti in a lovely atmosphere.

The exhibition takes place in Helsinki as the World Design Capital 2012,  read more here.

Hämeenkatu, Mariankatu, Rauhankatu ielas