Sa 26.05.2012

Klara Kristalova

Bonniers Konsthall
Stockholm, Sweden
25/04 - 29/07/2012

The modern-day artist Kara Kristalova (born in 1967, Prague) is internationally known as a sculptor of miniature, life-like figurines. In this case, the descriptor "life-like" doesn't mean a true-to-life natural copy, but rather describes the artist's talent of making her sculptural objects so narrative and expressive, through the use of color and various symbols, that they seem to come alive in front of our eyes. In describing the works of Kristalova, the art critic Anders Olofson has said that she is a "storyteller who uses the plasticity of sculpture to build small micro worlds, where something peculiar has just happened or is about to happen."

Form April 25 through July 29, the Bonniers Art Space in Stockholm is exhibiting a solo show by  Klara Kristalova – for the first time on such a large scale. Read more...

Torsgatan 19
Stockholm, Sweden