Sa 26.05.2012

Jurga Barilaitė “Show It”

Gallery “Vartai”
Vilnius, Lithuania
18/04 - 26/05/2012

With her exhibition “Show It”, on view at the gallery “Vartai” through May 26, the Lithuanian artist Jurga Barilaitė (1979) concludes her project Unfinished Works, which she began three years ago. The project is a dedication to middle-aged Lithuanian artists who have gained recognition with their video works and installations, but due to the currently governing situation of the art market, have had to move away from interdisciplinary projects and have instead turned to painting and graphic art. In Barilaitė's view, this has brought them to a creative dead-end, preparing the ground for obscurity and doubt, and a pile of unfinished artworks. It should be pointed out that Barilaitė usually chooses herself as the central axis of her works, since she herself has spent several years now in the territory between painting and video art. When uncertainty swells like a painful tumor, all that's left to do is to create; Barilaitė's solo show combines several forms of expression, including painting.

The exhibition “Show It” is composed of four parts – “The Archive of Unfinished Works”, “What I Would Do, If I Did”, “Who Hasn’t Painted”, “Will / The Beginning of a Collection” and “Escape”. For the most part, the titles speak for themselves, referring to the common view among middle-aged Lithuanian artists that every artist has spent some time in their creative life making paintings, as well as the fact that the show is a special collection that unifies the artist's unfinished video works that she has made since 2005, which is when she got her first video camera.

Vilniaus g. 39
Vilnius, Lithuania