Sa 16.06.2012

Danh Vo “We the People”

National Gallery of Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
01/06 - 01/07/2012

Throughout the month of June you can see, in person, New York's famous Statue of Liberty at the National Gallery of Denmark. It is, of course, a copy (indeed, on a scale of 1:1), but interestingly enough, it is being presented in a deconstructed manner, in which every piece has been set up as an individual sculpture – be it a finger, the torso, or what have you. The exhibition “We the People”, by the Vietnam-born, Danish citizen Danh Vo (1975), is made up of fifteen sculptures. The artist's background is worth highlighting as well. At the end of the Vietnam War, Vo's parents, with him in tow, climbed aboard a hand-made boat and along with about twenty other people (i.e, boat people), fled from the communistic regime, towards their dream-land of America. Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, the boat was picked-up by a Danish oil tanker and, following the law, the tanker delivered the boat to its home port, where the refugees received Danish citizenship. Vo's father, however, never stopped dreaming about America, which is why this private story has become a theme in Vo's art, often times reworking symbols of Western culture, especially American ones.

Sølvgade 48-50
Copenhagen, Denmark