Anna Helwing, Associate Director of “Hauser & Wirth” gallery

Art Basel: What the Galleries Say #1 0

We are preparing short videos from Basel, where we ask the participating gallerists to tell us, what do they think about Art |43| Basel. Here You can watch Anna Helwing, Associate Director of “Hauser & Wirth” gallery, speaking about this world's leading art fair. She enjoyed the professional preview days, with crowds limited to art professionals and collectors only, allowing more time and space to talk to each other.

In the background, on the right, You can see an art work by Dieter Roth, titled “Schluchten & Brücken (Canyons & Bridges)” (1989—1990), and the orange oil painting on the left is made by Wilhelm Sasna in 2011, and is called “Heat”.

Hauser & Wirth gallery is located in Zurich, London and New York. Here is a glimpse in their booth at Art Basel:

Ron Mueck. Woman with sticks. 2008

The black walnut sculpture in the middle is made by Paul McCarthy — White Snow and Prince on Horse. 2012

Artwork, titled “Family Nest No. 3”, by famous Indian contemporary artist Subodh Gupta. 2012