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“Arterritory Conversations” Issue No. 5

Fifth Issue of “Arterritory Conversations” Released 0

Eighteen Open and Truthful Conversations on Art and Reality

The latest issue of the annual “Arterritory Conversations”, by the art and culture website, has just been released. In its pages are 2016’s most interesting tête-à-tête conversations with vibrant figures from the international worlds of art and culture.

This fifth digest is different from its predecessors in terms of both form and content amount – it has evolved from the traditional magazine format into a volume of conversations with such qualities that it could be rightly considered a book.

(Cover) “Arterritory Conversations” Issue No. 5

Today’s world is edging ever closer to becoming a reality television show or a comic book – in the onslaught of fake media and fake news, who is to know where the truth now lies? It could be that the most reliable source for one to go searching for the truth... is art.

The relationship between art and reality is a subject oft discussed in the conversations found in this newest volume. One figure featured is the American artist Tony Oursler; he creates works that very directly touch upon the global reality, at times even terrifyingly correctly predicting the next step in how the situation will unfold. Whereas in his interview, British artist Jake Chapman reveals his observations of how people – and sometimes even artists – in their versions of the state of experience, turn to the denying of reality: “We limit the sense in which our reality is real to us”. And then there’s Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas, who has created a euthanasia-inducing carnival ride which he himself perceives as a kind of fiction of reality.

In total, the volume contains eighteen conversations with the following artists: Ernesto Neto, Tony Oursler, Jake Chapman, Julijonas Urbonas, Žilvinas Kempinas, Raimonds Staprāns, Joana Vasconcelos, Daiga Grantiņa, legendary jewelery maker GianCarlo Montebello, head of the design company LINLEY – David Armstrong Jones, architect Sintija Vaivade, gallerists Olga Temnikova and Volker Diehl, curators Kathrin Messner and Julien Robson, and Hedwig Fijen – the director of Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art.

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The volume “Arterritory Conversations” has been published in two separate editions, one in Latvian and one in English. Its visual design was created by the design group “Augusts” and the artist Kirils Kirasirovs. The publication’s written content is the work of the website’s creative team, with contributions by the well known curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Irene M. Gludowacz – internationally recognized author, among others. Una Meistere, Director of, and Daiga Rudzāte, Editor-In-Chief, are the concept-authors of the publication.