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TASE 14 – MA Degree Show of the Estonian Academy of Arts 0

Annika Toots

Photo: Annika Toots

The exhibition at Rotermanni Soolaladu (the Museum of Estonian Architecture) will be open to June 13th, every day from 11:00 to 18:00. 

TASE is an annual event organized by the Estonian Academy of Arts that consists of exhibitions by MA students, public defenses, open lectures, urban interventions, student-run projects and the ERKI Fashion Show. Every spring the Estonian Academy of Arts unites its main public events into one art event involving various locations in Tallinn, and that lasts until midsummer. TASE 14 displays works in different media created by over 70 fresh MA degree graduates from the Faculty of Architecture, the Faculty of Design, the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Art Culture, all of which are exhibited throughout the three floors of the Museum of Estonian Architecture. In addition to the main show at Rotermanni Soolaladu (May 31 – June 13), other displays of graduate works, personal shows of the graduates, several performances and the ERKI Fashion Show will be taking place throughout the city, thereby forming a part of the Estonian Academy of Arts’ endeavor to establish a publicly visible position for contemporary art, design and architecture. TASE 14 not only gives an overview of the current ideas and approaches used in the Academy of Arts, but also indicates the future direction in which Estonian art, design and architecture are headed.

At the opening of the exhibition on May 30th, the winner of the YOUNG ESTONIAN ARTIST PRIZE was announced. The aim of the prize is to acknowledge BA and MA degree graduates whose current work suggests that these young artists are contributing significant ideas and new approaches to Estonian art. The 2014 winner of the BA-level prize is Ats Parve (Department of Photography), and the winner of the MA-level is Taavi Suisalu (Department of New Media). Both young artists stand out with their well-established artistic positions and consistently high-quality work.