EnergART. Arterritory’s nomadic gallery

There was a time when the world did not know the concepts of “museum” and “gallery”, yet art has been a part of human life – one might even call it the “tuning fork of existence” – since our very beginnings. Without denying the traditional role of art institutions, and at the same time highlighting the thought-provoking and healing power of art in times of global change and turmoil, Arterritory presents a project dedicated to the representation of art outside the institutional space. In doing so, it seeks to affirm that the truest encounter with art takes place in a more intimate setting, one where it loses its foreign air and becomes a part of life. energART is a nomadic gallery that offers the opportunity to not only get to know a wide variety of art, but also to enter private spaces, dwellings and homes throughout Latvia that are not usually open to the general public.


Although the project’s venues constantly change, they are always a private space filled with the energy of its owners’ lives and surroundings. With each temporary artistic intervention into this energy, we create a new space of feelings and experiences where one can encounter the joy of discovery while looking at things and events from a different perspective and surrendering to the peaceful flow of contemplation. Here one can feel the energy that truly great artists, our contemporaries, can bring into our lives.



energArt points of interest:

September 4–24, 2022. Dūrmuiža. A nature space owned by Agita and Andris Putāns.

The exhibition Silence. Sound. Horizon. Luīze Rukšāne, Estere Betija Grāvere, Hele, Pauls Rietums, Dainis Pundurs, MAREUNROL'S


May 27 – September 30, 2022. Tīklu šķūnis in Mazirbe.

the mini-exhibition Melnās matērijas dienasgrāmata / Dark Matter Diary by Atis Jākobsons

Group show: Iveta Gabaliņa, Artūrs Virtmanis, Atis Jākobsons.

Please contact energart@arterritory.com to schedule an appointment for viewing the exhibitions.





Spēka skaņas

We all come from harmony, and we can feel it best when we are in nature. In the height of summer, the sounds of nature that surround us – on walks, when travelling, even on a daily basis in city parks – are so commonplace that sometimes we don’t even notice them. It is only in the moments when nature grows quiet – and anxiety, nervousness or even depression begin to creep in – that we realise how essential the harmonising effect of nature is for our well-being (both physical and mental).

Created as part of the energART project, the sound work by MAREUNROL’S is a collage of strolls through the natural world of summer – an exercise that involves listening, hearing and connecting to the ever-changing essence of nature. Through this sound work, it is always present within us, especially in moments when we need to restore in ourselves a sense of harmony, creativity, joy and strength.