About us

Arterritory.com is an art and culture website in Latvian, Russian, and English, which focuses on Baltic, Scandinavian, and Russian art and its manifestations elsewhere in the world. 

The website’s target audience are readers interested in contemporary cultural phenomena and who want to make their life exciting and interesting. The creators of Arterritory.com are convinced that art is an open world, one that provides a place not only for professionals, but also for connoisseurs and lovers of art.

Arterritory.com will become your eyes and ears for looking into artists’ studios, listening to their opinions, and documenting their participation in the most important art events. The website is your discussion partner with whom you can exchange opinions about exhibits and art and design events in Riga, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Moscow, and anywhere else. Arterritory.com is also your calendar of important occasions, where someone has already marked all the “must-see” events. We understand that art today is not a closed space; it interacts and connects with other fields of culture. Precisely for this reason, the website also offers information about cinema, design, fashion, architecture, and books.

Arterritory.com is a meeting place for professionals which not only offers the chance to participate in a dialogue where the conversation partner is ready to listen to harsh criticism, but also a space to get to know one another. Because the reserved nature of Northerners is probably the reason why we get to know our neighbors so slowly, even though we live right next to each other. 

The creators of Arterritory.com are passionate professionals in the fields of culture and journalism. Each of us has his or her own list of favorites in art; we often have cardinally different opinions, and come with our own baggage of experiences. A few of us don’t currently reside in the art territory of the Baltics, Russia, and Scandinavia, therefore visitors to the website shouldn’t be surprised to see letters from New York, Melbourne, London, Berlin, Chicago, or any other place in the world. Yet all of us feel an enduring passion for art.

The art and culture website Arterritory.com is developed with the support of the association 'Mākslas platforma'.

Arterritory.com's closest collaboration partner is Anothertravelguide.com, the online magazine for independent travelers. 


Editorial staff

Una MeistereDirector, English-language editor / una@arterritory.com

Daiga RudzāteEditor-in-chief / daiga@arterritory.com

Sergej TimofejevRussian-language editor / sergej@arterritory.com

Text authors

Agnese ČivleArt, culture and lifestyle journalist

Agnese PundiņaArt historian

Ainārs Ērglis

Alan MooreBritish designer, artist and business innovator, Founder of Beautiful Business

Aleksandra RosaJournalist, film reviewer

Aliaksandra Tucha

Anastasia Blohina

Anda Kļaviņa

Anna IltnereArt journalist

Anna Volkova


Asnāte SīmaneArt historian

Auguste PetreArt theorist and researcher, curator

Brigita Reinert

Denis Maksimov

Dita RietumaFilm historian, critic, director of the Latvian National Film Centre, lecturer at Riga Stradiņš University

Dmitry Komm

Elīna Lazareva

Elīna NordenArt historian and curator

Elīna ZuzāneArt journalist

Elnara Taidre

Francisco Martinez Anthropologist, lecturer at Aalto University

Gosh Snobo

Helmuts CauneJournalist

Ieva Lejasmeijere

Ieva Raudsepa

Igors Gubenko

Ilze PoleJournalist, editor-in-chief of airBaltic’sinflight magazine

Irēna Bužinska

Irene GludowaczVienna-based curator; foundation, museum and corporate communications expert; writer; co-author of A Passion for Art: Art Collectors and Their Houses (2005) and Global Art (2009)

Ivars DrulleSculptor

Jana Kukaine

Jānis Jankevics

Jānis Šipkēvics

Jānis Taurens

Jurriaan Benschop

Karina Krista LikanseText Author

Kārlis Vērpe

Kirill KobrinAuthor, historian, essayist

Kristīne BudžeDesign and architecture critic, journalist

Lena Konushikhina

Līna Birzaka-PriekuleArt historian, curator of exhibitions at the Latvian National Museum of Art and for the VV Foundation

Lizete RiņķeCopenhagen-based art historian, writer, curator

Magnus BonsArt critic, editor of konsten.net

Maija RudovskaCurator, researcher, art critic

Margarita ZiedaTheatre historian, researcher, critic and journalist, playwright

Megija Milberga

Monta Kaiva Konovalova

Natalie Weis

Natālija JansoneFashion designer

Nikita Kadan

Odrija KalveArt historian and curator

Olga AbramovaArt historian, Moscow-based exhibition reviewer for Arterritory.com

Paula LūseCulture journalist

Paula Veidenbauma

Pavel Gerasimenko

Photo: Kristīne Madjare

Rasa Jansone

Richard PettiferAustralian writer, director, critic and monologist based in Berlin

Santa MeikulaneDesigner

Sergei KhachaturovArt critic, theorist, curator, art historian, a freelance writer for Arterritory.com

Sofija Kozlova

Stacey KooselCurator, writer, editor of Estonian Art

Tīna Pētersone

Tomass PārupsArt journalist and curator

Valentin Dyakonov

Valery Ledenev

Vents Vīnbergs

Vera Otdelnova

Vika SmirnovaArt historian, film critic, writes about the parallels and contrasts between cinema and contemporary art

Viktor Misiano

Vilnis VējšArt critic, journalist

Vladimirs Svetlovs

Weronika TrojanskaPolish-born artist and writer

Zaiga GaileArchitect

Žanete Liekīte

Žanete Skarule

Zane Onckule