Arterritory’s virtual gallery space

ATBALSTISSIMO, the virtual gallery space of the culture and art portal, was born as a gesture of solidarity in a time of crisis – it offers support to artists while at the same time encouraging everyone to bring art, creativity and vitality into their private living or working spaces so that it can act as a catalyst in crucial moments. The story that outstanding art carries is sustainable and enduring, and it can even play a decisive role in the twists and turns of life. Art has the ability to add value to life, and in such a way that it can even radically change the quality of life. Artists are visionaries, and those who live alongside art likewise become visionaries.
The idea behind the initiative is encoded in the name ‘ATBALSTISSIMO’, a combination of two words – the brisk Italian bravissimo and the more sober Latvian atbalsts, meaning ‘support’. 90 percent of the value of the works of art listed here goes directly to the works’ creators.

Support artists and bring colour to your life!