Photos: The Kilometre of Sculpture in Rakvere


The Kilometre of Sculpture (KoS), an international open-air art exhibition was held in the public spaces of Rakvere, a city in northern Estonia, from June 28 to July 13, 2014. The approximately kilometre-long walking route featured works by artists from the Baltic States and around the world. Situated on the hilly landscape of the castle's park grounds and the city's park, the exhibition consisted of two distinct parts – namely, one section containing works that have been assembled through an open-call process, and the other featuring works that have been selected by curators. The following is a photo reportage of the event.

Gundega Evelone (LV) "Cloud". Photo: Raul Haagensen

Ulvi Haagensen (AU/EE) "Looking at Pictures". Photo: Michael Haagensen

Minna Pöllänen (FI) "Observatory". Photo: Michael Haagensen

Patrik Aarnivaara (SE) "Pan-Retention (after Edwin S. Porter)". Photo: Michael Haagensen

Kristin Reiman (EE) "Shower stage". Photo: Michael Haagensen

Anastasia Parmson (EE) "Straight Line". Photo: Michael Haagensen

Arthur Arula (EE) "Mute Swan" (cabin). Photo: Michael Haagensen

Arthur Arula (EE) "Mute Swan". Photo: Michael Haagensen

Flo Kasearu (EE) "Landscape Painting" (inside the Trinity Church on Pikk St)

Pire Sova (EE) "Transition Site".  Photo: Michael Haagensen

Vesa and Tomi Humalisto (FI) "The Thin Red Line". Photo: Tomi Humalisto