The street art festival Artscape 2017, in pictures


In July we reported that the large street art festival Artscape 2017 “White Moose Project” would be taking place in Sweden’s Värmland county. On August 18, this four-week-long colorful explosion of art came to a close, and 29 artists have created 32 wall murals and one installation.

We provide a pictorial overview of this visually impressive event.

Artscape 2017. ANNATOMIX. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. BORDALO II. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. BKFOXX. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. CAPTAIN KRIS

Artscape 2017. CARATOES. Photo: Remington Andersson

Artscape 2017. HITOTZUKI. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. YASH  

Artscape 2017. NOMAD CLAN. Photo: Tor Hedendahl

Artscape 2017. PANTONIO. Photo: Anders Lipkin

Artscape 2017. PASTEL. Photo: Remington Andersson

Artscape 2017. BLESS. Photo: Anders Lipkin

Artscape 2017. SAGIE. Photo: Anders Lipkin 

 Artscape 2017. SHALAK & SMOKY. Photo: Remington Andersson

Artscape 2017. SHALAK & SMOKY. Photo: Remington Andersson

Artscape 2017. SMUG. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. TATIANA SUAREZ. Photo: Fredrik Åkerberg

Artscape 2017. VEXTA

Artscape 2017. WILD DRAWING. Photo: Anders Lipkin