Photoreport: The opening of the contemporary art project 3FREE in Klaipeda


Photos: Vladimirs Jakušonoks, Paulis Jakušonoks, Viktorija Eksta

The opening of the contemporary art project 3FREE performed by the artists from three Baltic countries was hosted at the Klaipeda Culture Communication Center (KCCC) on May 18.

The project 3FREE reveals artists’ attitude, statements and personal experiences of freedom and is dedicated to the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the three Baltic States.

The main exhibition of the project features three authors from each of the Baltic States and also one solo show of each country’s artist. The curators of the project 3FREEare Ignas Kazakevičius (Lithuania), Liena Bondare (Latvia), Al Paldrok (Estonia).

The representatives of the group show of the Baltic artists are: Severija Inčirauskaitė, Kristina Inčiūraitė, Žygimantas Augustinas (Lithuania), Kristaps Epners, Ivars Drulle, Vilnis Putrāms&Vladimir Jakushonok (Latvia), Taje Tross, Leonhard Lapin, Peeter Allik, as well as the creative group NON GRATA (Estonia).

Solo exhibitions are held by
- Lithuanian graphic artist Jūratė Rekevičiūtė / "Freedom: Image, Word, Dress"
- Latvian artist Vika Eksta / "God. Nature. Work" and "Devil’s lake"
- Estonian artist Al Paldrok who is also well known as Anonymous Boh / "10 Commandments"

"Klaipėda Culture Communication Center has been cooperating with artists from three Baltic countries for a long time," says Ignas Kazakevičius, the curator of the project. "We are three very different countries, we have had rather long historical links that brought our cultures together. We have always been on the map of Europe, but today, as it was a hundred years ago, it is obvious that FREEDOM needs to be fought for, only this time not all together at the same time, but individually, because each freedom is not equal to somebody else's. More importantly it is that one’s freedom should not become another’s captivity."

Exhibitions of the project 3FREE are open till June 24, 2018.

Arterritory presents the photo report of the opening of 3FREE project.