energART. Arterritory’s nomadic gallery


Arterritory launches a new gallery concept

There was a time when the world did not know the concepts of “museum” and “gallery”, yet art has been a part of human life – one might even call it the “tuning fork of existence” – since our very beginnings. Without denying the traditional role of art institutions, and at the same time highlighting the thought-provoking and healing power of art in times of global change and turmoil, Arterritory presents a project dedicated to the representation of art outside the institutional space. In doing so, it seeks to affirm that the truest encounter with art takes place in a more intimate setting, one where it loses its foreign air and becomes a part of life.

The project’s venues will constantly change, but it will always be a private space filled with the energy of its hosts' lives and surroundings. Each time we tap into this temporary artistic energy, we will be creating a new space of feeling and experience, a place where we can experience the joy of discovery, the possibility to look at things and events from a different perspective while simultaneously allowing ourselves to enter a peaceful flow of contemplation – feeling the energy that truly great artists, our contemporaries, can bring into our lives.

energART is a nomadic gallery that offers the opportunity to not only get to know a wide variety of art, but also to enter private spaces, dwellings and homes throughout Latvia that are not usually open to the general public. In this case, these special spaces will be welcoming guests with open arms. This is a completely new format and experience that the Arterritory team is delighted to be offering.

The project’s first stop will be at the family home of Una Meistere and Ainārs Ērglis in Mazirbe, by the Baltic Sea. Three representatives of Latvian contemporary art – Iveta Gabaliņa, Artūrs Virtmanis and Atis Jākobsons – have been invited to participate and co-author the project.

From May 28 to June 11, guests will have the opportunity to see and buy the works of these three artists in a new and unconventional manner by making an appointment at This is an ideal way to support both the artists and the Art as Healing initiative launched by the art and culture website

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