There Is An Elephant In The Room at Kyiv Biennial


Kyiv Biennial has invited Superflex to become part of the main project with the work There Is An Elephant in The Room.
The fifth Kyiv Biennial will take place against all odds, this year spread out across Europe – commencing in Kyiv and Vienna in October 2023 and finishing in Berlin in 2024. This Biennial edition is conceived as a Europe-wide event, with dispersed exhibitions and public programs in several Ukrainian and EU cities and realised in partnership with leading European contemporary art institutions.
Originally commissioned for RIBOCA3, There Is An Elephant In The Room serves as an invitation from Superflex to contemplate various topics raised, urging visitors to engage with their own “elephants in the room” — hard questions and imagined futures that are unavoidable during these times of global turmoil.

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