RIBOCA suspends 2023 edition


Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA) have suspended plans for RIBOCA3, originally scheduled to launch on 10 August. The organisers statement says:

“We would like to announce our difficult decision to suspend our plans for RIBOCA3 in Riga, Latvia, originally scheduled to launch 10th August.

Despite our engagement with the local cultural community over the past 7 years and efforts to revise our funding structure after the war commenced, it appears that the heritage of our executive members, which includes Russian among Lithuanian and Latvian nationalities, is something too significant to overcome as the Russian attack on Ukraine rekindles tensions of an occupied past.

We’ve been forced to confront the difficult reality that what we are providing may simply be inappropriate or unwanted in these challenging times, no matter how benevolent our intentions may be. Furthermore, in the best interests of our team and artists’ wellbeing, we have decided to pause our efforts.

RIBOCA was created as a platform for open exchange and freedom of artistic expression. From our inception, we have focused on creating a safe and creative environment for artists and their processes, supporting them by providing the freedom required to produce their works.

We remain committed to supporting peace and unity, continue to strongly condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine, and stand united with everyone who calls for an immediate end of the war.”

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