Sergej Timofejev

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Mykola Ridnyi and registers of reality

A conversation with an artist from Ukraine participating in the 13th Survival Kit contemporary art festival

How Thomas Hirschhorn Is Doing Art Politically?

The Swiss artist's «ART=SHELTER» project in Latvia

How is «atelienormalno» doing now in Kyiv?

Talk with Ukrainian artists Kateryna Libkind and Stanislav Turina

When an art collector opens a gallery

A conversation with the Polish art collector Piotr Bazylko

«This is a much more positive thing»

An interview with the well-known NFT collector Edgar Aronov from Estonia

To see the city as a story

Conversation with architect Andis Sīlis in a 27th-floor flat

«This festival was born out of impossibility»

A conversation with the curator of the 11th edition of the Survival Kit festival Katia Krupennikova

Measurement, poetry and pragmatism

A conversation with Ines Leonarduzzi, founder of the Digital for the Planet platform

'Act early, decide quickly, have a good eye, and be brave'

An interview with Polish art collector Piotr Bazylko

Art Brussels. Art fair in the city of two hundred galleries

A conversation with the director of Art Brussels Anne Vierstraete

A conversation about Boris Lurie

A conversation about Boris Lurie

Sumesh Sharma in Riga. The grandson of a trade merchant on diversity and exchange

An interview with Sumesh Sharma

Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Interview in a fast-moving taxi

Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Interview in a fast-moving taxi

Björn Geldhof: You cannot talk about post-Soviet art any more

A conversation with Björn Geldhof

Survival Kit 9: A Forest of Mushrooms, Meanings and Passages

An interview with Jonatan Habib Engqvist, one of the three co-curators of the Survival Kit 9 festival

‘When I follow the ball, I don’t see the gorilla’

Alexander Gronsky speaks about his book ‘Schema’ and our ways of looking at the world

Between Angel and Duende. The Source of Inspiration According to Edward Hirsch

Interview with American poet and literary scholar, Edward Hirsch

Dialoguing Against Polarity

Directors of four European art biennials discuss the challenges of the time and the potential of biennale as a form of contemporary culture

"Picnic" in Bergen

27 artists graduating from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design

«War Has Come to Visit Me»

A conversation with the Kyiv artist Nikita Kadan

The feast of Katarzyna Kozyra

A conversation with one of Poland’s most famous female artists about faith, food and self-acceptance

It’s all about trust

An interview with Polish art gallerist Gunia Nowik

Krista Molder. A Flight Put on Pause

Exhibition «You Were a Bird» at Tallinn’s Temnikova & Kasela gallery

I am absolutely happy with this honesty

An interview with the curator of the 2nd Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

A long process full of surprises

A conversation with the Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt

Soft Baroque. The weird things of this age

Interview with art duo the Soft Baroque

There is everything, and there is nothing

A conversation with Romāns Korovins, shortlisted for the Purvītis Prize 2019

Our man in the future. Daniel Libeskind

Our man in the future. Daniel Libeskind

Julian Rosefeldt – a mysterious discrepancy

The author of Manifesto - Julian Rosefeldt

ART COLOGNE 2018. A sea of art on three levels

ART COLOGNE 2018. Overview

Andrey Bartenev: “Artist Is Like a Giant Jellyfish”

An interview with Russian artist Andrey Bartenev

Blind spots and deaf zones of Polish artist Artur Żmijewski

A conversation in Riga with the Polish artist Artur Żmijewski

“ЯRADA. Here and Now”

An interview with Latvian designer Alyona Bauska